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July 17, 2015 started off normal as Frank kissed me good bye and said I love you before he rode off to work. He did that EVERY morning before we parted. A few minutes later as I was heading out, I got a call from my sister Connie letting me know that Frank got into a motorcycle accident and was being transported to Naval Hospital. I knew deep inside that the accident had to be bad for him to go to the military hospital and not the public hospital but, I prayed to God that no matter how bad it was that he would still be alive. Traffic seemed to be at a standstill and at the time, I didn't realize that it was Frank that had caused all that traffic. As I attempted to take another route I called my son so he could head to Naval Hospital too as I knew he would get there before me. Right when I entered the hospital and heard him yell "mom" , I knew that Frank was gone. In that moment, my life suddenly went dark. My heart hurt so bad I still can't describe the pain. Yet here I am 3 years later in a place of deep purpose and continuous healing and recovery. Being a widow has been the most difficult part of my story. But, it's also been the most fulfilling and humbling as I help more and more people heal and find deeper purpose in their own lives.

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“The Grief Recovery group sessionI completed with Darlene and Bobbie as the facilitators has had such an impact on my healing from the loss of my mom in 2016. Attending and completing the group session is a blessing and has continued to be a great support in my life. The classes are informative and insightful. I learned so much with dealing with my grief, unresolved grief and the road to recovery. Overall, this was a new ray of hope for me during a dark time.”
— Bree Francisco
“Darlene’s 2-day class on Grief Recovery helped me by giving me many different ways to assist me in my grief. She is, by far, better than any other books, research, or counselors I have called upon. She is very knowledgeable in all areas of grief and very sympathetic/empathetic toward the various needs of the group. She gave me new ideas on how to get help, and most important, the correct kind of help. She, the Grief Recovery Program, and the other group members, also gave me help on how to assist others in their time of grief. 10 out of 10 stars. There needs to be more like her. Thanks, Darlene. (As a beginner writer, it is not a good writing habit to start every sentence with the same word. I purposefully started a lot of sentences with “She” to stress the fact of her importance to the program. Make no mistake, she is the key to the success of this program.) Be well, Darlene. You are doing great things, and with your knowledge and personality you will do even better.”
— James M . Schmidt
“For years , I’ve struggled the loss of my dear princess nova . for years I’ve developed so much pain, anger , guilt and questions . being the first to attend the 2 day personal workshop launched here and Guam made me realize that there is so much more to grief that I was blinded by . I will use what I’ve learned starting with self love ❤ you’re such a brave and beautiful person auntie dar. thank you for taking care of me”
— Jadeen Alicto