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Giving grief a voice

Losing the love of my life suddenly and tragically left me so lost and lonely.  Nothing could have prepared me for Frank's untimely death.  

We got married when were 19 years old and I literally spent his entire adult life with him.  Over 24 years of marriage we had 3 children and 3 granddaughters.  Our youngest grandaughter and 2 grandsons were born after Frank died.  I can say I have been blessed with an amazing family and a wonderful legacy my husband left behind.

Frank and I talked about growing old together.  Never did I think I would be a young widow and left to grow old without him.  But here I am...

I could've chosen to stay sad and lonely and not seek help to recover from my grief.  But Frank always said I was the strong one and that he would have to die before me because he would not be able to live without me if I died first.  The truth is, I lost all strength the moment he died.  I may have appeared to be strong because it's what was expected of me but I really felt like I was dying inside.  

Still, I searched high and low for relief from the overwhelming pain that consumed me and when I finally found it through the Grief Recovery Method I was amazed at the breakthrough this method gave me.  

Now, I'm on a journey far greater than me.  My purpose in life is to give grief a voice and continue to share my heart so others know that light, hope and joy are all possible after loss.