When your heart is broken your head doesn’t work right.
— Russell Friedman

Grief Recovery Method Programs

I conduct the Grief Recovery Method Programs in association with the Grief Recovery Institute.  The purpose of the Grief Recovery Method Programs are to help you complete the relationship to the pain, isolation and loneliness caused by significant emotional loss.  The Grief Recovery Method is not counseling or therapy.  It's an action plan that you are able to use throughout your life as you experience loss, change or an end of something.   

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Coaching Programs

What comes after healing?  Many times people are still unsure of where to go or what to do after recovery from loss.  Their "new" normal is still very unclear.  As a transformational coach, I am available to continue to help my clients on their journey of continuous healing and self-discovery.  Life after loss can be an amazing journey if you open your heart, mind and soul to discovering the best version of YOU. 

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HR Consulting Services

I know first hand what it's like to have to go back to work after suffering deep loss.  With over 20 years of HR, Customer Service and Leadership experience combined, I know just how little equipped organizations are in the area of grief. I am extremely passionate about bringing the human back into the professional workspace by teaching Workplace Compassion workshops and assisting organizations to build Grief in the Workplace programs. 

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Sea Breeze

What do you get when you team a health & fitness instructor with a grief recovery specialist and a personal development trainer?

Heart, body, and soul. Love, strength, and passion. Kindness, resilience, and drive. Sympathy, durability, and vitality. 

You get SeaBreeze   -  a life-refreshing team of passionate individuals dedicated to the revitalization, restoration or transformation of the person, at whatever moment in life or juncture they find themselves in .

You talk, we listen.  We care.

SeaBreeze  ...... Take a breath of life.

Combined services of three different organizations here to offer an all-in-one dynamic program.  Contact me to learn more.